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arcticrootArctic Root is a community engagement project in Coastal Labrador, involving the sustainable cultivation and processing of Rhodiola (Roseroot), a local medicinal plant, for market. The project works with the Nunatsiavut Government, and Inuit elders and youth to harvest this traditional plant. Arctic Root will provide technical training and employment for community members, while also creating a sustainable economy based upon a locally sourced plant.

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The Coastal Labrador Rhodiola plant is unique to the market for several reasons.  Most Rhodiola in the commercial supply chain is sourced from Eurasia, and as such this enterprise would provide a North American source, potentially shortening the supply chain and thereby increasing profits, as well as confidence in source quality.  Labrador’s Roseroot is also known as the only “fair trade” Rhodiola produced by way of an Aboriginal community enterprise.
The root of the Rhodiola plant has an established niche in the natural products market, with potential products ranging from herbal teas to medicinal capsules.
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