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  • Tylor Boone
    Tylor BooneDirector of Strategic Planning and Talent Acquisition
    After noticing the number of people in St. John’s who depend on collecting recyclables for a living, we decided to design a project to help them brand themselves as Bottlepreneurs, and not as collectors.

    How did we do that? We started by working with one Bottlepreneur by showing him how to market himself as a more convenient alternative to curbside recycling – who only pick-up recyclables bi-weekly and do not take glass. We segmented a section of the city into six routes and he began his new recycling adventure.

    We have made the day of a Bottlepreneur safer, by removing dumpster diving from their day and incorporating a safe, efficient route by engaging households to participate. We have shown their value in the community and have doubled the hourly income of our first Bottlepreneur.

    We are now helping 5 Bottlepreneurs in two communities, St. John’s and Carbonear. We have also helped community organizations in Calgary and Enactus McGill start up similar projects.

    If you want to sign up, or learn about our Bottlepreneurs, visit our website at:

    You can also find out more information about Project Bottlepreneur by emailing us here.

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