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Bright Futures is a project created by Enactus Memorial in 2009 that is looking for solutions to the disparity of available jobs for the large number of individuals with disabilities in this province.

Since the beginning of the project, Bright Futures has grown and expanded its focus. Originally, Bright Futures was focused on helping individuals with autism. The project was paired with the Autism Society, and helped the society market and advertise their restaurant and boardroom while also developing a business venture for individuals with autism. Since then, the project has expanded its horizon, and is now focused on helping all individuals with a variety of disabilities. The project’s goal is to focus on the employment struggles individuals with disabilities face, by helping them find work in their community through the implementation of, or already existing, inclusion and diversity policies. By working with both not-for-profit organizations and businesses within the community, Bright Futures is focusing on all aspects of the employment community to better understand the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities.

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