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    Recognizing that it is never too early to begin financial literacy activities, we launched Change Matters.

    Change Matters 2013 Testimonial

    In elementary schools across Canada, students are required to learn math, science and language arts but are missing a critical life skill – financial education. In December 2012 Enactus Memorial partnered with Nancy Philips and DollarSmartKids to address this need. With their Financial Literacy children’s books and Enactus Memorial’s interactive education sessions we created Change Matters.

    Change Matters is a six-week program focused on teaching the basics of financial literacy to elementary school children. Throughout the course of the program, students get to start and run their own business while learning the importance of being financially aware in a fun and realistic way.

    Already this project has experienced great success: it has taught 1,299 students the fundamentals of financial education this year and it has expanded outside of Newfoundland with plans for national expansion in the near future.

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