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Home Again: two simple words, but establishing a home is not always easy. For those who have immigrated from a high-risk area, transitioned from abuse, homelessness, prison, war, or for those who are unemployed and underemployed, the struggle to create a new life is just beginning. Part of this struggle involves establishing a home. For those lacking the means or social connections to make that happen, Home Again Furniture Bank can assist.

Central to Home Again is a cycle of giving and receiving that provides the most vulnerable citizens the means to create a home. In addition to providing furniture, Home Again also helps to empower individuals and families as they rebuild their lives. Getting a good night’s sleep on a proper bed makes moving forward seem feasible. Having a sofa to relax on with family makes life more enjoyable.  Being able to offer family and friends a chair to sit on or a table to gather around, brings families dignity and pride.

For more information, contact Amy Tulk (709) 330-7070, or Maureen Lymburner (709) 325-4040.

E-mail: homeagainfb@gmail.com

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