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Executive Team

  • Taylor Young
    Taylor YoungPresident

    Taylor Young is in the final year of her Commerce Degree, and has been volunteering with Enactus Memorial since her last year of high school in 2012. Since joining the team, Taylor has worked on many of Memorial’s projects, has been a participant lead for Project Bottlepreneur, and is the Project Manager of World at Work. The passion of the Enactus Memorial community encourages Taylor to work hard on the team’s projects, and she is very proud of the true team effort that she has seen from Memorial this year.

    • Abbie Ricketts
      Abbie RickettsVice President

      Abbie Ricketts is currently in her final year of the Bachelor of Commerce (Co-Op) program. Abbie has been an active part of Enactus Memorial’s leadership team for 4 years, being involved with a variety of projects from Enactus Footprint, to Project Sucseed.

      • Anna Collis
        Anna CollisVice-President

        Anna Collis is in her final year of the Bachelor of Commerce Program at Memorial University. Anna joined Memorial’s Enactus team in 2015 and quickly took to the role of Project Manager of Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur, a business accelerator program for transitioning Canadian Forces members. Through her Enactus involvement and internships at the Genesis Centre, Newfoundland and Labrador’s incubator for technology start-ups, Anna has played an active role in fostering entrepreneurial action and plans to become an entrepreneur when she graduates.

        • Lynn Morrissey
          Lynn MorrisseyFaculty Advisor

          Lynn is an Assistant Professor specializing in communications with the Faculty of Business Administration. Since 2004, Lynn has been the proud Faculty Advisor for Enactus Memorial. In 2003, she received the Dean’s Teaching Award as recognition of her teaching excellence; in 2007, the Dean’s Service Award and the John Dobson Faculty Advisor of the Year in Canada; in 2009, the Dean’s Citizenship Award for exemplary service to the faculty: and in 2011, The President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching.  She has worked with hundreds of students and coached over 35 presentation teams. She looks forward to yet another year doing exciting work with amazing people!

        Leadership Team

        • Alex Batten
          Alex BattenCo-Project Manager, Home Again
          • Andrea Peet
            Andrea PeetChief Political Correspondent
            • Andrew Jameson
              Andrew JamesonHead of Global Trends and Futuring
              • Angelise States
                Angelise StatesStrategic Planning
                • Christina Major
                  Christina MajorProject Development
                  • Courtney Rowsell
                    Courtney RowsellProject Development
                    • David Grainger
                      David GraingerProject Development
                      • Dawn Murphy
                        Dawn MurphyProject Development
                        • Elise Parsons
                          Elise ParsonsCo-Project Manager: Project Sucseed - Food Banks and Soup Kitchens| Finance
                          • Emily Butler
                            Emily ButlerProject Development
                            • Emma Coady
                              Emma CoadyCo-Project Manager : Smart Ice | Sponsorship
                              • Hannah Curran
                                Hannah CurranCo-Project Manager: Project Sucseed - Retirement Homes | Sponsorship
                                • James O’Keefe-Daw
                                  James O’Keefe-DawChief Environmental Technology Specialist
                                  • Jenna Greening
                                    Jenna GreeningProject Development Specialist
                                    • Jessica Keeping
                                      Jessica KeepingProject Sucseed : Educational Program Development
                                      • Kate Fradsham
                                        Kate FradshamCo-Project Manager: Project Sucseed - Correctional Services
                                        • Katie Gillespie
                                          Katie GillespieEnvironmental Communications Advisor
                                          • Kristen Rideout
                                            Kristen RideoutCo-Project Manager - Your Turn Boutique
                                            • Laura Campbell
                                              Laura CampbellFinance Officer
                                              • Laura Collis
                                                Laura CollisProject Manager : Home Again | Sponsorship and Recruitment
                                                • Mark Spurrell
                                                  Mark SpurrellDirector of Videography & Presentation Design
                                                  • Megan Meadus
                                                    Megan MeadusCo-Project Manager: Prince's Operation Entrepreneur
                                                    • Meghan Bolt
                                                      Meghan BoltProject Development Specialist
                                                      • Nicky Thoms
                                                        Nicky ThomsInternational Liaison - Project Sucseed
                                                        • Nicole Kennedy
                                                          Nicole KennedyEnvironmental Logistics & Reporting
                                                          • Patrick Bégin
                                                            Patrick BéginDirector of Marketing
                                                            • Shaun Morrissey
                                                              Shaun MorrisseyCo-Project Manager: Project Sucseed - Educational Programming and International Expansion
                                                              • Stephen Browne
                                                                Stephen BrowneProject Development
                                                                • Tyler Maddigan
                                                                  Tyler MaddiganHead of Visual Media
                                                                  • Tylor Boone
                                                                    Tylor BooneDirector of Strategic Planning and Talent Acquisition
                                                                    • Tyson Owens
                                                                      Tyson OwensFinancial Literacy Technology Specialist
                                                                      • William Forsey
                                                                        William ForseyProject Manager : Arctic Root
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