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    Three years after the devastating Earthquake, which shook Haiti forever, the struggling country is still in need of major relief and support. With sustainable employment remaining scarce Enactus Memorial saw an opportunity to make a change, which would be impactful to the people who need it most.

    Project Stitch

    After a team of Newfoundland doctors from Team Broken went to Haiti they met Dr. Cherry and the Project Stitch team. As they continue to look for ways to improve lives in Haiti Team Broken Earth connected Project Stitch with Enactus Memorial.

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    In September 2013, Enactus Memorial met with a team of Newfoundland doctors from Team Broken Earth. Team Broken Earth is a volunteer task force composed of physicians, nurses, and physiotherapists from across Canada committed to delivering and improving healthcare in Haiti.

    Together with Team Broken Earth we identified a need to help develop the business side of an initiative with incredible potential, Project Stitch. We then partnered up with Project Stitch founders Dr. Joanna Cherry and Physiotherapist Scott Gillenwater to expand this initiative and to develop a business model which will lead to sustainable careers for its members.

 Starting with high quality, hand crafted men’s ties.

    Through a six-month professional sewing course, participants are taught the necessary skills to become tailors and seamstresses. Once their training is completed, they are ready to join our co-operative and begin working full time once again.

    Enactus Memorial is currently working to create a brand, which will be available to consumers in North America. Each made in Haiti tie tells the story of this incredible program and the resiliency of the Haitian people responsible for creating the final product. The Revenue will support the struggling Haitian economy and provide income to physically disabled individuals who would otherwise be unemployed and unable to support their families.

    Project Stitch creates beautiful handmade products of the highest quality. While we have a social side to our initiative, our goal is to make incredible products that our customers are excited to wear.

    Our first product line is men’s neckties. These ties come in two materials: a bold cotton with Haitian flare and a professional silk. Each tie comes embroidered with the Project Stitch logo on the back, a branded cloth carrying bag and a story card explaining the importance of Project Stitch and the story of the sewer who made your tie.

    We are excited to be making these ties and we hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoy making them! Remember, each handmade garment tells a story, so whether you’re heading to a wedding, conference or business meeting, let your outfit look its best while keeping Haiti close to your heart.

    A Day at Project Stitch

    Project stitch is currently being run from a small room in Hospital Bernard Mevs. This is just across the hall from where many of the program’s participants spent so much time in recovery from their injuries. This room, no larger than a bedroom in your home, can hold approximately ten participants, and currently the most experienced of them are working on production of the ties.

    We are now looking for capital to move our tie production team into a full-scale production facility, which will allow us to use our space at Hospital Bernard Mevs to train more Haitians in need. We have a new location selected, but it is in no way ready to be moved into.

    We are working diligently to move into full-scale production and sale of our ties in January 2014 but before we do we need to raise enough capital to move into our new space if you are interested in helping by sponsoring the program we have packages ready to send to you! Please connect with Jamie at:

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