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Recyclability offers St. John’s a full circle recycling pickup service. We take items all the way from household waste to upcycled marketable products. Recyclability started when we realised our Project Bottlepreneur, that collects bottles and cans across St. John’s, could expand its recycling offerings. We identified two recyclable materials that are ending up in our landfill at an alarming rate: plastic bags and promotional banners.


Recyclability uses the bottleprenuer recycling system as a supply chain to pick up these materials. Recyclability then works with persons with developmental disabilities through a local non-profit to create the new upcycled products- sandals out of the banners and reusable carrying cases out of the bags. Now we are training 20 individuals on a unique manufacturing process that we developed ourselves that allows them to create products in just minutes.


Bringing the project full circle, Bottlepreneurs now pick up plastic bags and banners along their routes, and sell them to Recyclability for 2 cents each. Once produced, Enactus Memorial will help market and sell the sandals at $10.00 a pair, with all profits going back into the program. We have even introduced a one-to-one model, so that with every pair of sandals sold, another pair will go to someone in need in Haiti.


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