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  • Taylor Young
    Taylor YoungPresident

    World at Work is helping new Canadians integrate through entrepreneurship. Visit us at


    The need for the project stemmed from increasing number of immigrants that come to Newfoundland and Labrador with the expectation of immediate employment. We understand that many of these Canadian newcomers possess immense knowledge, skills, and talents in various services and sectors, and wanted to design a project that would better prepare our participants to adapt and integrate into the Canadian work force. We are currently working with 8 new Canadians,  operating in five diverse sectors (Tutoring, Cleaning, Yard Works, Maintenance, and Artwork). The remaining participants are ready their business plans and are aiming to be up and operating within the coming months.

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    World at work enables our participants to gain a valuable customer base by effectively and efficiently marketing their services to the public. We designed a website ( that allows potential customers to simultaneously browse available services, schedule appointments, and pay online. As of the April 2014, our participants have completed 19 jobs and 1 secured long-term contract. We have received support from The John Dobson Foundation, the RBC Newcomers Grant, and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, enabling us to provide our participants with greater opportunity.

    World at Work provides New Canadians with the confidence to integrate into the Canadian workforce by marketing their services to create a reliable customer base. The project is also focused on environmental awareness with participants being provided with bus passes to commute to and from clients, as well as ensuring products used are environmentally friendly.

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