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    Youth in Business is the longest running Enactus program in Canada and has concentrated on bringing business skills and activities to youth throughout Newfoundland and Labrador for 11 years!

    Youth in Business is a series of interactive projects that engages youth in the essentials of business. Enactus Memorial chooses from a portfolio of 14 projects to meet the unique needs of various target groups. Business Education Growing In Newfoundland & Labrador (BEGIN) is one of the programs within the Youth in Business portfolio. For this project, Enactus Memorial volunteers went into local high schools to teach students this “enterprise” oriented program that focuses on financial literacy skills including revenues and expenses, budgeting optimization, credit and debt management and much, much more! We are happy to announce that this past May, we partnered with Community Youth Network (CYN) to expand the reach and sustainability of the program. Since May 2010, the CYN has been running sessions throughout the province.

    For more information on Youth in Business, email Project Manager Neala Kielley here.

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